Frequently Asked Questions

We work on the same day as your recycle and trash bin pick up. Everything is done curbside, and you don’t have to be home when we
serve. Just make sure the bins are outside.

Yes! You will receive a text message and/or email reminder that includes an estimated time of our arrival.

When we are finished making your cans look good, our system will text you an image of your shiny clean bins!

We understand that sometimes there is debris left in the bottom of the bin after your local waste collection. We will remove the debris and
bag it before cleaning the bin. However, if there is a large amount of debris present in your bins upon our arrival, we will not be able to complete your service that day.

We strive to add you to our service schedule within 1 week of signup, which is dependent upon your local waste pickup schedule and our
current availability!

The credit/debit card you used on signup is billed on the day you sign up, and you may notice that you have been billed but not received
service yet. We don’t schedule our routes to deliver service on billing dates. Logistically this would be very difficult and would result in an
inefficient route for us. We schedule each calendar month’s service according to stated garbage pickup days, geographic location,
subscription status and for route efficiency. If your subscription is active and paid, barring any extraneous circumstances (such as a
change in schedule by your local waste collection, etc.), we will have you on schedule for the calendar month that corresponds with your
payment. A change in service date by your local waste collection will result in a change of service date for our service, accordingly.

If you are out of town, on vacation, or there is another reason preventing you from having your trash cans available for us to clean, please
give us as much notice as possible for the possibility to reschedule.

You are billed monthly, bi-monthly, or one time depending on your subscription choice, on the same date that you sign up.

We do our best to follow the same schedule as your local waste collection service. If they run, we also operate. If their schedule changes
due to inclement weather, our schedule will also change accordingly so that you will still receive service.

We will always strive to provide service on the same day that you are serviced by your local waste collection service; therefore, if there is a
change in schedule of your waste collection, we will also change our service schedule accordingly.

Yes, we offer cleaning/sanitization of all dumpster sizes and surrounding pads. Prices do vary; please contact us for specific pricing at
1-888-972-CANZ (2269).

Some bins are very dirty. We will do our absolute best to make your cans the envy of the neighborhood, but it can take multiple cleanings
to fully remove years of residue from bins that haven’t been previously cleaned. We will use a biodegradable degreaser, if necessary, to
remove stubborn stains or heavy grease. Burns, scratches, stains – such as dried paint or other chemical etchings into the plastic – will not
be removed by our cleaning process.

We know you want to tell everyone about your nice cans! For any new customer signing up for our monthly service option that uses your
name as a referrer upon subscription, you will receive ONE FREE CLEANING (up to two bins) for yourself! No limit – refer as many people
as you like! Spread the word about your nice cans all over town!

Keep an eye on our website… Cool stuff is coming soon!

Do you have a question that isn’t addressed here? Please contact us!